About JEDI

JEDI, Inc. serves the plastics industry as an injection mold design and consulting source.

Our services include critiquing or developing product designs, designing production molds, sourcing mold tooling and production molding as well as overall project management

Mold designs from 1 cavity prototypes to complex high production molds with hot runners, slides, lifters, auto unwinders, A side ejection, etc… Our CAD capabilities include both 2D drawings in ‘AutoCAD’ and 3D solid modeling in ‘Solidworks’.

We assist customers in tool sourcing and project management with local and overseas (Shenzhen, Shanghai, Portugal, Costa Rica, Taiwan, Canada) sources. These tools are guaranteed when placed with our certified mold makers.

Some of our clients include-

Office Supplies and Writing Instruments:

Avery Dennison    Sharpie Markers    Papermate Pens



Rain Bird    Toro    Olson



Beckman Coulter    Becton Dickinson    Tenacore    Siemens



Qualcomm – Cellular Phones     Hughes – Mobile Satellite Broadband

Newport Controls – Touchscreen Remote Controls



Racor/Parker – Gas & Diesel Fuel Filters     Banks Power – Diesel Engine Controls


Other OEMs:

Lithonia/Hydrel – Industrial Lighting     Volk Enterprises – Turkey Pop-Up Timers

Earthlite – Massage Tables     IKEA – Consumer     SnapWare – Housewares

Bobrick – Washroom Accessories     Johnson Outdoors – Recreational